Micro Living

PROJECT: Interiors
As featured on Apt2B

I recently joined the micro living community, moving to The Lawrence House exactly eight days ago. I love European design and the lifestyle, and this place serves both of those. Small, but well-designed spaces, carefully curated wardrobes, and a relaxed outlook on life.

Europeans do not have entire rooms dedicated to storage, huge second refrigerators in the garage, or enormous walk-in closets to hold 125 shirts with "Made In China" on the tag. They buy what they need and purchase a few well-made items they truly love and will last forever. Combine this minimal living with a legally required minimum of four weeks vacation and you have some relaxed and happy people! (Obviously there are anomalies to everything I'm saying. I'm generalizing here. Give me a break.)

Moving into a micro studio has forced me to reevaluate my lifestyle and I hope to make a conscious shift in my outlook. Coming in at just above 250 square feet, every inch of my new home needs to be filled with not only things that make me happy and look beautiful, but pieces that serve a purpose. Let the minimalism fun begin.