Project: Pop-up Restaurant Concept

When I was in Iceland, I visited a chip (french fry) shop every day. They were the best french fries I ever had, with a ton of unique sauces and drinks. This got me thinking. Why did Chicago not have a dedicated place for french fries? Sure, I could go to a burger joint and grab some fries, but it's not the same vibe.

I created a pop-up restaurant concept for a chip shop called Chipago — a play on the words chips and Chicago. For the logo, I chose to recreate the Chicago skyline out of french fries and added a modern script font. The menu revolves around the fries, with nine sauces named after and created with flavors unique to nine Chicago neighborhoods.

Folded-Sweatshirt-Mockup copy.png
Small Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.png
Chipago Chips_sauces.png
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